Lack of Worry

When the angels brought the message of Christ’s arrival to Earth, the world was far from peaceful.  There was political tension, people taken prisoner for their faith, famine, border [...]

Real Competition

A former chaplain of the US Senate, Richard Halverson once said… “Want to be a winner? Compete against yourself, not somebody else. Outrunning your rival doesn’t mean you ran your [...]

After the Rope

After church one Sunday afternoon, a four-year-old boy said, very seriously, “Daddy, will you let me baptize you?” The father laughed it off as a joke but then realized that his son [...]


I once read a quote from a 6 year old girl named Emma.  She said, “Love is when you’re missing some of your teeth but you’re not afraid to smile because your friends will still love you even [...]

Walk On

It didn’t matter what the weather was in Detroit… financially-challenged James Robertson did what he did every other day.  He hit the alarm clock and went to work.  But James’ story was [...]

Missing Greatness

I read a story of a man who played the violin in the Washington DC subway.   On this particular cold and blustery morning, very few people noticed the man on the platform… playing skillfully [...]


In 2007, England’s Queen Elizabeth II decided to make a short 6-day visit to the United States.   While most people would pack a couple of suitcases… the queen travelled much heavier.  [...]

One Way

Most people think of Thomas Edison as an immediate success.  However, what many don’t realize is that some of his experiments didn’t work… in fact they failed hundreds of times.  [...]

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