The Quiet Place

Life gets pretty loud.  Alarm clocks ring…kids cry… bosses yell… and our pasts scream at us from thoughts we wish we could forget.   Things get hectic… and if [...]


Pierre Renoir was a famous French artist who was known for his paintings, mostly depicting family life. But there was one disease that tormented this gifted artist — he had arthritis that [...]


Pastor Stephen Kingsley walked into a restaurant to have a warm bowl of chili.  It was freezing outside… the snow piling up just outside the front door.  He walked to the counter, [...]

A Little Ground

A group called the Worldwide Marriage Encounter has certified that Wilbur and Teresa Faiss of Las Vegas, married in April 1933, are America’s longest married couple.  As they celebrated [...]

His Eyes

In Wellington, New Zealand, scientists discovered the remains of the very rare colossal squid.  During their examination, they measured the creatures eyes… and were shocked!  Each [...]

God’s Little Pencil

Mother Teresa once said, “”No one thinks of the pen while reading the letter. They only want to know the mind of the person who wrote the letter. That’s exactly what I am in [...]

Running the World?

A father was talking with his 8 year old daughter… “Daddy, who do you work for?”  The father replied “Myself!  I’m my own boss!”   The little girl replied “You’re the [...]

Jogging Or Sprinting

The other day I read that the earth spins 1000 times faster at the equator than it does at either one of the poles.  In fact, that’s why rockets are launched closer to the Earth’s midline [...]

I Didn’t Move

A story was told about two couples in the 1950s… A husband and wife, married for many years, were driving down the road behind a young couple in the car ahead of them.  The young [...]

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