Ever feel alone? Left out? Different? Rejected? Less valuable than others? Ever wonder if God REALLY wants you in His family? After all… you did or said what you did or said. Can’t take it [...]

Wandering Off

 It may seem hard to believe, but the United States average high-school dropout rate is 25%.  1 in 4 students decide to leave before they finish.   The question is… what is [...]

The Rescue

Christine Loughead’s last trip to the grocery store was anything but routine.  It started out as it always did (bread, milk, cereal, etc.)  but at the back of the store by the meat [...]

Eyes Closed

A 28-year-old woman was recently hospitalized after running her car into a North Florida home.  Police reported that the driver lost control of her vehicle, ran a stop sign, plowed through [...]

Nothing Hurts

Like he’d done for the past several decades, John turned off his alarm clock and rolled over to kiss his wife Sally good morning.   He was usually greeted with a “Good morning!” but [...]

The Ring

Mary Grams found her engagement ring.  Normally that isn’t news but the way she got it back was extraordinary.  She lost it while out gardening.  Refusing to give up, she scanned [...]


 A water bearer had two large water pots which he carried on either end of a pole slung across his shoulders. One of the pots had a crack in it, so every day as he carried water to his [...]

Two Dogs

I read a story of a young boy who was being terrorized by a dog.  Not a German Shepherd or Pit Bull… but a Chihuahua.  The dog’s name?  Godzilla. He would run around the house and [...]

Reading It Yourself

Where in the Bible will you find the following words? “God helps those who help themselves.” “God works in mysterious ways.” “Honesty is the best policy.” “This too shall pass.” “Hate the [...]

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