Forty is a recurring number in the scriptures.  Noah faced forty days of rain.  Moses spent forty days on Mount Sinai before God gave him the ten commandments.  Jesus waited forty days after his resurrection to return to Heaven.   God placed a great significance on that span of time.

A lot can happen in forty days.  Lives can experience breakthrough.  Hearts can be transformed.  Victory can come to those who feel hopelessly bound for defeat.  All within just a few short weeks…

This series of devotionals is more than just a collection of words.  When these thoughts are combined with sincere prayer and fasting… great things can and will happen.  Will you take the journey?  Are you committed to growing in your walk with God?

These next forty days could be the foundation on which you’ll build the best years of your life.

All it takes is a commitment to not just read it… but do it.  Are you ready to get started?

-Troy Gramling

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