A Lot of Questions

As a Pastor, I am asked a lot of questions.   Some I can answer right away with an encouraging verse of scripture, a bit of advice, or some insight I’ve been given from a similar experience in my own life.  But sometimes there is no way of knowing the answer.  Questions like “Why did God….?”  or “When will I….?”  Only God knows those things.  

My response is always the same… there are some things that we won’t know this side of Heaven.  But it’s important to note that God has answered many of the important questions already!  We know He loves us, He has a destiny for our lives, and that through every pain there is a purpose.  The other answers will have to wait.  1 Corinthians 13 tells us that someday we will see everything with perfect clarity and know things completely.  In the meantime, it just comes down to faith.  While we may not understand the reason or timing of things in life, we can be assured that God does… and someday the questions we have will either be answered or will simply fade away in the presence of Christ Himself.  

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