Day 3 – A Tiny Rope

If you’ve ever gone to the circus, you know the size of the mighty elephant.  But did you know that when they are behind the scenes, they are kept in place by tying a tiny rope from their leg to a small stake in the ground?  How does this work?  Simple.  When they were baby elephants, that same small rope used to hold them securely.  Sure, they could easily break it now… but because it used to be strong enough, they’ve become conditioned to believe it always will be.

Many of us are the same way.  A mistake early in our life ties us to the post of failure.  We think… why bother trying to break free?  We’re just like that elephant that stops trying to tug on what used to hold them in place.  Fact is, you aren’t bound by your past to a lifetime of defeat… If you know Christ as Savior, you have His strength to break free.  In Philippians 3, Paul tells us that he has forgotten the past and is focused on the future.  Do the same!  Pull against that tiny rope of your past mistakes and watch it release you.  It’s time to be the person God tells you that you are!

  • Neal Oates, Jr.

    A very timely reminder for me. Working to break the “tiny rope” of past mistakes is a daily task for me. The enemy tries to tell me that I can’t be great today because of yesterday’s failures. Today I will give that rope a tug and watch it break.

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