All I Have Done

TODAY’S VERSES:  Jeremiah 29:11 and John 3:16
After a blistering military defeat by the English, King Louis XIV of France was quoted as saying “How could God do this to me?  After all I have done for Him!”
At first glance, we tend to dismiss this remark as one made by someone who’s bitter…stunned by their defeat… and lashing out against whomever comes to mind.  But I wonder how many of us say similar things to God in our own lives…
You didn’t heal my son in the hospital… even after all the church services I attended.
You didn’t keep my car running… even after all the dollars I’ve put in the offering bucket.
You didn’t keep my marriage intact… even after all the hours I’ve spent serving at church.  
How could God do ____________ … after all I’ve done for Him.
What we do for God does not sway the way God treats us.  He doesn’t strike deals and He isn’t forced to return good for good.  God can choose to bless or heal or restore… but only how and when He chooses to do so.  So many of us try to earn “God points” and cash them in when we need them.  Like somehow there’s an invisible bank and as long as we have a balance of points, God owes us something or we can persuade Him to act on our behalf the way we want Him to.  Not the case.
God is God.  He is full of love, grace, peace, patience, and mercy for those He’s created and loves.  And that goes for you too.  If something doesn’t work out the way you think it should… stay strong and know that He is going to use if for your good.  The motivation for us to serve Him, worship Him, be generous in obedience to Him, and love Him isn’t because of what He will do for us… it is for what He has already done.  
Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, was send to die on the cross and resurrect so that we could spend eternity with Him in Heaven if we believe.
What we do for God pales in comparison to what He has already done for us.   
And that’s why we serve Him…worship Him… give to Him… and love Him.  
If you ever find your motive shifting with God toward a “He owes me” attitude…  Remember, God owes us nothing.  He gave us His Son who paid our sin debt forever.  But because He loves us so much, God continues to pour out His mercy, love, and grace on us all.  
Take some time to day and tell God how thankful you are for the gift of His Son.   Gratitude to God goes a long way to help us understand who we are in Christ and why God’s way is always the perfect one.  

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