Day 17 – Cleaning up the Mess

When pop culture icon Andy Warhol died in 1987, he left behind more than just art. As estate executors went in to clean out his home, they discovered a mountain of clutter. His five story New York house was so packed full of objects of all kinds that at the time of his death, Andy lived in just two small rooms.

Sometimes I wonder if we do something similar in our minds. We live with clutter. Past messes, mistakes, and missteps… Things we haven’t forgiven ourselves for take up space… forcing us to live small, cramped, and restricted lives. If that’s you… it’s time to make some room. Remember, when we ask God to forgive us, Psalm 103 tells us that He does and separates us forever from what we did wrong. Box up and throw out those things that have tried to define you, confine you, and remind you of the past. Dance in the new open space and celebrate the second chances that Christ so mercifully gives.

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