Day 8 – Exhausted

Psalm 46:10a
“Be still, and know that I am God!”

It has been reported that the average American gets 1 hour and 6 minutes less sleep than the 8 hours that they need each night.  When you add that up, that’s a 338 hour shortage… two full weeks!  Scientists have called this “sleep bankruptcy”… people walking around overtired and unaware of the risks to their health that lack of sleep poses.

This definitely hurts our physical well-being… but there’s something that affects us far more profoundly:  A lack of spiritual rest.  So many exhaust themselves… wondering if God will come through.  Hours of time are lost to self-doubt, lack of faith, panic, and an overwhelming sense that worrying can help a situation.  God has other plans… He tells us in Psalm 46 to be still.  Rest.  Let Him be God.   When we do so, and we allow our minds and hearts to trust Him, we find ourselves refreshed and ready to enjoy the blessings that He has for us each day.

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