Day 36 – First Night Effect

There are many that find it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep away from their own bed.  They toss and turn desperately looking for a few hours of uninterrupted rest… but it never seems to happen.  Why?  What is it about a different place that challenges the mind and body?  Scientists have discovered that when we sleep in an unfamiliar place, the left side of our brain stays semi-awake while the right-side rests. We are more vigilant… ready to spring awake at a moment’s notice.  The phenomenon is called the “the first night effect” and it affects millions of travelers every year.  Does the brain not completely pause because it’s the body’s way of protecting itself?  Is it the stress of different lights, smells, and sounds in a strange place?  We may never know.

For some of us the reason for not sleeping isn’t “the first night effect” at all.  We go to bed stressed.  Worried about the next day.  The reason we can’t sleep isn’t some kind of brain issue… it’s a trust issue.  We just can’t seem to put the pressure of the day behind us and it blocks our ability to slumber.  Jesus has the answer.  Look what He says in Matthew 11:28 “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’”

Want to sleep better at night… whether you’re at home or on the road?  Trust God with what’s worrying you.  Pray and ask God to shoulder what’s weighing you down.   Leave your stresses at the foot of the cross and refuse to go back and pick them up.   God is already working on those things in ways you can’t see yet… and your worry doesn’t help Him do that.   Trust more.  Worry less.  A stronger faith leads to a deeper sleep.

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