Day 37 – Getting Into Harvard

Have you ever wondered how tough it is to get into Harvard?  Recent data tells us that nearly forty thousand people apply to the school each year… and only five percent are accepted.  In fact, the president of Harvard once stated that they could fill their entire incoming freshmen class with valedictorians from high schools around the country twice over.   They only take the crème de la crème… the best of the best.  It requires a near perfect transcript, an impeccable entrance essay, and just plain luck to get in.

It’s a good thing Heaven isn’t like that.

In fact, you don’t have to be perfect… or know how to play an instrument… or be at the top of your game in any discipline at all.  You don’t have to submit an application or worry about receiving a rejection letter after trying so hard.

The requirement for entry into a perfect eternity?  A relationship with Jesus Christ.

It’s simply telling God that you are giving up your way and accepting His.  That you want Him to come into your heart and salvage you… to save you.   It’s giving everything you understand about yourself to everything you understand about God.  And the Bible says that when we do that we are guaranteed entry into a place far more spectacular than any ivy league building.

We spend forever with Christ.  In a perfect place free from pain, suffering, and worry.

If you’ve never asked Christ into your life, I encourage you to reread that paragraph above and pray those things to Him.    If you have prayed that prayer already… share it with someone you love.  It could change them forever… and it’s the best decision they will ever make.

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