Day 14 – Giving Bread

Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian Pastor who spent fourteen years in communist prisons suffering for his faith in Christ. When he wasn’t in solitary confinement, he endured physical torture and exposure to long periods of hunger and freezing temperatures. In prison, he was given one slice of bread per week for food. Every tenth week, he would “tithe” his food… giving the entire slice to a weaker prisoner as an act of obedience to God.

The Bible tells us that caring for those less fortunate is an important part of following Christ. Psalm 19 says that as we care for others, we are caring for God… and that He will repay us for our generosity. Many hesitate providing for the poor because they look at what they have and don’t think it’s enough to make a difference. Let’s choose to follow the example of Pastor Richard, even in unfavorable times with very little, we should remain generous to others and obedient to God… pouring into the lives of those with even less than we have. It’s that kind of heart that rises above circumstance and achieves true greatness for the Kingdom.

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