Glass House Living

Donnie Dunagan was a tough marine.  He was a drill sergeant, shot through his
left knee, saved two lives during his career in the military, and was decorated
for bravery several times over.  However,
all that courage in the military pales in comparison to a fact that Donnie kept
hidden since he was a child. 
Donnie had a secret… and for a long time refused to live a
transparent life. 
Over the past week, Steph and I have been living inside an
actual glass house on our Cooper City campus. 
We now know what it’s like to be stared at… commented on by people
logged in to the page to watch… and have our lives put on display.   We do it willingly to show the world what
our relationship really looks like.  No
pretense or cover-ups.  Not that what we
do is perfect… but what people are seeing is honest.  All of it is out there… mistakes that we
make, communication challenges that we have, victories, and setbacks.  All of it is public knowledge.  No secrets or lies.
Fact is…God wants all of us to be real.  Transparent.  To live our lives with integrity knowing full
well that people are watching and making notes. 
Are we telling the truth?  Is who
people see in our offices the same person that we see in the mirror each
morning?  How authentic are we
When Moses received the ten commandments from God, they
included the one found in Exodus 20:16 “You must not testify falsely against
your neighbor.”  In other words, don’t
lie.  Don’t make up stories about others
or yourself.  Stop warping things.  Live openly and let the light of God shine
through and illuminate all the corners of your life.   
Are you living an authentic life?  Keeping any secrets so as to deceive others?  Only you know that answer.  Just like Donnie Dunagan did.
What Donnie didn’t reveal to the rookie recruits that he was
training was the fact that before he joined the service he had been a child
actor. The gruff, screaming, cursing, shouting drill instructor’s claim to
fame?  He was the voice of Bambi from the
Walt Disney cartoon in 1942. 
Gentle sweet Bambi.  
Some of us are covering up something far more serious.  And every day we live an inauthentic life,
the secret gets easier and easier to keep. 
Dare to be real.  Accept the challenge
of a “glass house” lifestyle… allowing others to see and experience who you
really are.  Your past doesn’t define you
and your present can be changed to reflect the light of Christ.  It may not be the easiest thing to start
doing… but the payoff is worth it.   You
were meant for so much more than living a lie. 
You were meant for greatness.  REAL greatness. 

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