Sometimes things happen that don’t make much sense to us… we can’t explain why they’re going on… and we struggle with not having every detail.  It’s in those times that we must live lives of faith. The reason?  
Because God does know why.  In Jeremiah 29:11, the Bible tells us that God has a great plan for our lives… we simply need to trust Him and allow Him to lead us.  Fact is, He sees the finish line when all we might be able to see are the hurdles ahead.  But we have to keep running… knowing that He will use it to grow us, strengthen our faith, and help us reach our God potential.  

A philosopher once said, “ “Life can only be understood backwards: but it must be lived forwards.”  I think he was right… we can only understand some things in hindsight… but we must press on, in faith, because we can trust the One who knows what’s best for us.  

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