“With your unfailing love you lead the people you have redeemed.
In your might, you guide them to your sacred home.”   –  Exodus 15:13
God is active, engaged, and present in your life.  
He leads those He loves.
He leads the people that know Him as Savior.
He leads them to a better place.
And He loves you.  
He will guide you, provide for you, and strengthen you as you battle through what kept you awake last night. 
There is not one moment of one day that you aren’t on His mind.  
God is love.
God gives love.
And He loves you.
When you need His wisdom…His grace…His peace…His strength…His protection…
He will be there.  Not a second before the perfect time.  You may not feel Him or think He’s there… But at the right moment…when you don’t know where else to turn…
He will intervene.  
And He loves you. 
God loves and protects His own.  You are precious to Him.  And when He steps in… you will be reminded once more of His goodness and unending passion to see His children succeed.  
He knows what’s best for you to do.
He knows the right time.
He knows how to get there.
He knows that you’re hurting.
He knows what it’s like to sacrifice.
He knows every tear you’ve cried.
He knows that blessings are coming.
He knows you.  

And He loves you. 

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