Day 27 – Hide And Go Seek

Do you remember playing hide and go seek as a child? You’d run and hide while someone you knew started their slow countdown from 10 to 1. After that they would sprint through the house looking for any sign of you. The more you’d play…the better you would get at hiding. Before long you knew all the best spots where your friends never thought to look.

Many feel that way about God. Over time, they become quite good at hiding from Him. Or, if not physically, they hide things about themselves from Him. I guess they figure that if they don’t say it out loud.. He doesn’t know. Maybe if they avoid accountability, God never finds them or discovers what they’ve done. The Bible sets it straight in Psalm 139. In it, David says that no matter where he goes… God is there. He is all-knowing… all-powerful… and everywhere at one time. It may be tempting to hide… but there are far greater results when we step out into the light and reveal what God already knows. When we talk to Him and tell Him what’s inside us… He can begin the healing process in our hearts. Find yourself in the shadows today? Spend some time talking with the One who already knows what put you there and wants to guide you back into the sunlight.

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