Day 9 – How To Make A Choice

I read a national survey where they asked spiritual people… “how does your faith affected your ability to make decisions?”   31% said that they made choices based on what “feels right and is comfortable.”  18% said they make choices based on whatever is best for them at the time. 14% said they choose whatever causes the least conflict with others… 16% said they choose based on God’s Word.

Out of all that were asked… less than 2 in 10 said that they followed the Bible’s guidance over their own.  In Luke 6:46, God addresses this… He says “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”   Jesus gives us instruction through scripture and the Holy Spirit nudges us… yet lots of people ignore both when deciding a course of action.  It seems that many appreciate the wisdom between the covers of the Bible, but fail to follow and apply it because it’s difficult or unpopular.  Today… be different.  Make choices based on God’s truth… not feelings… and watch your life be blessed as a result.

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