I Didn’t Move

A story was told about two couples in the 1950s… A husband and wife, married for many years, were driving down the road behind a young couple in the car ahead of them.  The young couple had a car with front bench seats and the girl was sitting right next to the young man who was driving and had her head on his shoulder. The woman in the car behind sighed and said to her husband, “Do you remember how we used to be like that?  Her husband who was driving looked across the front seat and said, “I didn’t move!”

Sometimes we feel like that with God.  Why did God stop drawing close?  What happened to the way it used to be?   The truth…God didn’t move.  Whenever we feel distant from God, it isn’t Him that does the moving… it’s us.  Problem is, emotions cloud things…  When we’re happy… we feel that God is right there.  When we’re sad… we think He’s moved away.  Fact is… God is always there.  He remains vigilant and steadfast.  Find peace in that truth… walk confidently… knowing that every step you take will have two sets of footprints!

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