Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers?  It’s one of the most amazing things you’ll ever witness.  As the sun passes overhead, the flowers turn to face it. 
No matter what.  
When the warm sun moves… so do the sunflowers.  It’s beautiful.  In unison…a blanket of bright yellow flowers all pivoting toward the source of their warmth and provision regardless of external circumstances.  
They never lose sight of the sun.  
We could learn something from those sunflowers.
When life gets challenging… we want to turn away.  Quit.  Look down.  Turn our faces from the One who immeasurably loves us. 
We want to stare at the ground… or wring our hands… or question God’s existence… 
God is nudging us to keep looking up.  Towards Him.  He wants us to remain confident… Remembering that He has never been defeated.  At anything.  Ever.  He created it all.  He’s experienced it all.  He knows it all.  And He has the power to change it all… in a heartbeat.   God wants us to soak in the warmth of His love… stay focused on His provision… and count on His consistency.   Just like the daily life of His sunflower.
As I continued to read about these plants, I discovered something else that I think might help… 
At night, the sunflowers never lose track of the position of the sun.  They don’t take the night off… they don’t forget…. they keep their faces pointed to where the sun is.  Not where it was during the day… but where it currently is.  As they sit in darkness, they remember… just because it’s no longer visible… doesn’t mean that it isn’t still present.  The sun loses no power during the night… it’s just illuminating another part of the world.  The sunflower knows this and stays pointed at it.  360 degrees… 24 hours a day… facing the source of the light.  
Ever been in a dark place?  Ever wonder where God went or why He seems to have abandoned you?   There’s a man in the Bible who felt that way.  His name was Job.  He lost everything.  His family, his property, his wealth… all gone.  If anybody had a right to curse his circumstances, it was him.  His sun had turned to darkness… and scripture tells us that Job had the opportunity to break his connection with God and stare at the ground.    Defeated.  Irreparable.  Desperate.   
But he didn’t.  Despite his circumstances… Job kept his eyes upward.  Tracking God’s every move.  Look what he was able to say in Chapter 23:
“For I have stayed on God’s paths;
    I have followed his ways and not turned aside.” Job 23:11 
And because Job kept that critical connection… He prospered.  Make no mistake… he suffered.  His pain was intense.  He thought it would never end… that He was never going to feel better…  
But then He remembered to look up.  God was there…. unsurprised by Job’s circumstances…. but rejoicing in his faith despite them.   Job continued to track God even when He couldn’t see Him, feel His protection, or fully understand the “why”.   Like the sunflower, he remembered that God was still there.  In the darkness.  When he felt most alone… God was there.
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6
What does that word “never” mean?  
It means never.  Ever.  Not happening.  God isn’t going anywhere.  
God knows His way into your marriage… He can find your hospital room… He was there at your wedding… He follows your children around the hallways of their school… You can’t outrun Him and He won’t go away.  God is ever-faithful… always present… unselfish… and willing to extend grace to those that haven’t even requested it. 
Feeling His warmth yet?  Even if it’s night in your life right now.  God’s still there.  Stay pointed towards Him.  
When the flowers want to see the sun, they look up.  
The Son you’re tracking is there too.  At the right hand of His Father.  Waiting for you to take that burden and lay it at His feet.  What are you carrying today?  Have you lost sight of where God is?  Forgot how much He cares?  Is it dark where you are in life?  Wondering if He lost track of you or forgot how much you hurt?
He hasn’t forgotten.  You matter to Him.  
He isn’t taking a break or pushing you past your limits in revenge for some past sin.  He isn’t hiding just to see if you’ll come looking.  He’s on the same path He’s been on since the Earth came into being.  But there’s only one place you’ll find Him. 

Look up.

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