A Vietnamese teenager won the right to change his name. He was born Mai Phat Sau Nghin Ruoi. In English his name means “fined six thousand and five hundred”…. so named because that’s what the Vietnamese government charged his father for having a fifth child. Can you imagine being named after something like that? Labeled as a mistake for the rest of your life? Every time you think about your birth you come to the same conclusion that you are some type of liability? So many people do…

You were a problem child… you’ll never amount to anything.
That bad choice you made before you got married? Here’s your label.
Grew up in a low-income home? You’ll never rise above it.
The addiction that you had… you’ll never break free.

Somewhere along the line we start to believe that who we were back then defines who we are now. Once a mistake… always a mistake. We wear our past problems like a name badge that’s permanently affixed above our hearts for the world to see. The Bible says that this is not the case: 2 Corinthians 5:17 “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

If you have a relationship with Christ, who you once were… that label you were given… is gone. You no longer have to be defined by your past mistakes or live under the unfair judgment of people who don’t understand that your scars are not marks of shame but revelations of growth. Dare to change your name. Push past who you once were and accept that you are a NEW creation… with a NEW name… given to you by Christ Himself!

The teenager in our story above changed his name to Mai Hoang Long… which translates to “Golden Dragon”. What will your new name be? Forgiven? Accepted? Strong? Overcomer? World Changer? Confident? Secure? Choose today to see yourself through God’s eyes… and you’ll find that the only label He wants you to wear simply says…


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