Ever feel alone? Left out? Different? Rejected? Less valuable than others?
Ever wonder if God REALLY wants you in His family? After all… you did or said what you did or said. Can’t take it back and can’t change the past. 
Worry no more.
God wants you. 
God won’t reject you.
God won’t send you away because you’re different.
God loves different. God CREATED different. 
It doesn’t matter how you think you look today. Or how badly they make fun of you. Who you are in Christ is defined by the One who knit you together not by the ones trying to pick you apart. 
You could have broken dreams, a broken heart, or be broken in spirit… imperfect or all-together wrecked.
God wants you to know something today.
You are not an accident.
You are not less valuable than anyone else.
You are loved.
Let that sink in a second… the one Who started your heart beating is in love with it. He declares His devotion to you over and over in scripture. He doesn’t have you confused with your overachieving brother… or the rich lady down the street… or the perfect parent at the pediatrician’s office. 
He is talking about you. 
He wants you to know that your past doesn’t define you and your future has yet to be written. 
You are loved.

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