Joe was driving down the street.  He was late for a very important meeting and couldn’t find a place to park his car.  He looked up to Heaven and said, “God, take pity on me.  If you find me a parking space, I will go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life.”  Miraculously, a parking space appeared.  Joe looked up again and said, “Never mind.  I found one!”

You’ve probably seen it before… “God I’ll do this… if you just do that…” We beg, plead, and do our best to make a deal with the Creator of the universe.  When you think about it… God doesn’t need anything that we can offer.  He made it all and He owns it all.  He doesn’t jump at our command… He doesn’t have a price tag… and His favor toward us is because He is good not because we have earned it.  God simply wants our praise.  Not due to Him having a big ego… but because He deserves it.   Tempted to try to strike a deal with God?  Instead… thank Him for what you already have and praise Him for giving you the opportunity to manage it for a while.

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