Mother Teresa once said, “No
one thinks of the pen while reading the letter.  They only want to know
the mind of the person who wrote the letter.  That’s exactly what I am in
God’s hand–a little pencil.”
When you woke up this morning how did you see yourself?  The star of your own one-act play called
life?  A doormat?  A VIP? 
Or maybe as someone who is insignificant in the grand scheme of
things.  In any case, I want to assure
you this morning that you matter.  You
were put on this earth for great things. 
But that greatness might not be for what you think.
You werent put here on this planet to be great
for your own sake but for God
God must get bigger and we must get smaller. 
Scripture says it this way in John 3:30 He must
become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.
Let that sink in a second. 
Life isn’t about you.  It isn’t about me either.  We are tiny pencils writing Gods story
that will impact the world.  Some of us
will write beautiful stories of love, sacrifice, dedication, and a willingness
to serve others.  Others will defy God
and scribble out a message of selfishness and greed.   Which are you? 

God wants to write a new chapter for this world using you.  Are you willing to let Him?  Are you able to accept your role as HIS
pencil and not your own?  Are you ready
to surrender your agenda for Christ
Today, take a minute and thank God that He uses someone as broken as you
and I to share His message with the world. 

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