Remove Our Hands?

It’s a story that has to be true because you couldn’t make it up.  On a dark Friday evening, Prionda Hill made a choice.  She decided that she was going to release the wheel of her car and let God steer.  Literally.  She completely removed her hands from ten and two and told God to guide her vehicle through traffic.  The outcome was less than ideal.   A motorcyclist by the name of Anthony Oliveri was the unfortunate victim of Prionda’s decision.  He later told police that when he saw the car coming directly toward him, the only thing he thought was  “This is the day I die.”   Fortunately, he didn’t.  While his injuries were serious, Anthony survived that crash… and Prionda is now facing several serious charges.  
Is that how God operates?  Does He tell us to completely remove our hands from the wheels of our lives?  Is He apt to recommend that we just “let it go?”  Many would say yes.  We say “Jesus… you do it!”  or “God… he/she’s all yours…”  But is that Biblical?  Does God tell us to release total control and let Him do it?  Is “Let Go and Let God” legit?  
No.  In fact the Bible says just the opposite.   2 Timothy 2:3 tells us to “Endure hardship…”  Ephesians 6:11 tells us to “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand…” Finally, 1 Peter 1:7 says that our trials reveal our level of faith.   

Our challenges strengthen us.  They burn away what doesn’t belong and reveal our toughness.  What we see as pain… God is using for our eventual good.  We read many times in scripture that Jesus promises to never leave us in our struggles… that He wants us to persevere through them… and why?  Because they are the very things that will cause us to build faith muscle that we will need later in life.  So the next time you feel like just letting God do it… don’t. Keep both hands on the wheel… and God will put His nail-scarred hands on top of yours… and help guide you through the traffic to your destination.

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