Day 20 – Same Amount of Time & Energy

Mother Teresa was once asked “Don’t you ever become angry at the causes of social injustice that you see in India or in any of the places in which you work?” She thought for a long moment and replied, “Why should I expend energy in anger that I can expend in love.”

During the course of a day, we have a limited amount of both time and energy. And decision by decision, we get to choose how we use it. Should we become furious and yell… or be forgiving and loving? Same amount of time. Same amount of energy. So which one is what God wants? Scripture tells us in James chapter 1 that “the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” And if our goal is to become more like Christ (which it should be), then the choice is clear. Why waste time throwing our hands in the air and yelling… instead, why not use that same passion to calm a situation, extend grace, show mercy, and help people see Christ reflected in our love for them. While this isn’t always the easiest choice, it is the most effective one as we strive forward to reach our God potential.

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