“Be still, and know that I am God!”  Psalm 46:10a
There may be no greater killer of happiness that stress.  Busyness and fatigue lead to discouraging thoughts and eventually affect your health in adverse ways…
But this is unavoidable, right?  Stress is just built into everyday life…isn’t it?
Is there any hope for peace?  Is a stress-controlled life possible?
Take some time during your week to pray… meditate on scripture… take a deep breath… get alone… 
Even Jesus did this.  He knew the value of getting away and regrouping.   I can already hear you screaming at your iPad… “Pastor.. my day is WAY too hectic for meditation or solitude”  
Then I would say that your day is way too busy.  
I have found in my 20+ years of ministry that people do what they want to do.  If they think it’s valuable enough, they’ll make the time no matter what they have to adjust.  You must first value “being still” before you’ll make it part of your day.  Trust me… once you start, you’ll wonder what took you so long.   Remember, as I’ve said before in my teachings, life is rhythmic.  There are notes and rests… and if you only play all fast notes… the music of life becomes just noise.  Rests are as important in beautiful melodies as tones… play both.  
Take some time today to “be still” and listen for God… you’ll hear things from Him that only patient and expectant silence will allow.  

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