Day 29 – Sweet Honey

Did you know that germs cannot live in honey because it’s too sweet?   It’s true.  The sugar in the honey causes the water part of the bacteria to evaporate… thus killing the bad germ.  Similarly, that’s why jellies can be put into jars and kept indefinitely without fear of contamination. It’s the sugar… the sweetness.. that makes all the difference.  


As we think about our world today,  many would tell you that the way to deal with the corruption and evil is to seek revenge.  After all, if we are wronged… they have it coming.  We hurt… they should hurt.  However, scripture tells us differently.  In fact, we are told in Luke 6 that we should “return good for evil”  and in Proverbs 16:24… that it is gracious words (like a honeycomb) that brings “healing to the bones”.  God says when the world wants to sour us… reply with kindness.  Turn the other cheek.  Extend the olive branch.  Allow God’s sweetness in our heart to drive out the bitterness of what the flesh might want us to do.   It may not be our first reaction…. but the more often we choose it… the closer to Christ we will be.

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