TODAY’S VERSES:  Psalm 46:10 and Proverbs 3:5-6     
     In the circus world, there may not be anything more exciting than watching the trapeze artists.   The flyer swings through the air, releases their grip, and tumbles over and over toward the catcher in the hopes that he/she will grab them at the perfect time.  There is a rule of thumb in this art that states “Don’t catch the catcher” and it goes against every impulse that human beings have.   It simply means that the flyer should not try to grab the hands of the catcher.  They are just to just remain calm and leave their hands outstretched… waiting for the catcher to do their job.  It’s nerve-wracking and takes a full commitment between the partners.  
When the flyer tries to help the catcher… problems happen.  Limbs get tangled and people fall to the net below.  
Commitment – trust – belief – faith.
Four words that not only define the roles of the trapeze artists… but are what should be at the heart of who we are as Christ-followers.  So many of us know the expression “let go and let God”  but how many of us do it?  We let go of one of our problems and trust that God will take care of it… but only temporarily.  When it gets down to crunch time we try to help God by worrying, taking over, and doing whatever we can to get through the situation as quickly as possible.  God wants to catch us and we refuse to let Him.  And time after time we find ourselves in the net below wondering where God went in all of it.  
God doesn’t drop us.  We just don’t trust Him to catch us.
Let that sink in for a second.  It’s not that God doesn’t care…it’s that we don’t allow Him to do things in His own way and time.  That healing you’re looking for?  God knows what’s on your next X-ray and will have the doctors in place to take care of it.   The financial pit you’ve dug yourself?  God has given you steps to climb back out in His Word.  The relationship that is struggling?  He’s ready to heal your heart (and theirs).  
Somewhere along the line we’ve convinced ourselves that if we aren’t in control, things don’t happen the way we want them to.  And when they go sideways, we don’t blame ourselves.   We shake our fists at heaven and wonder where God went.  God doesn’t move.  He sits on the opposite side of the arena waiting to catch us… waiting to heal our hurts… waiting to assure us that He’s all we need.  He isn’t going to swing toward us and meet us halfway.  Faith is not a 50/50 proposition.  God already believes in us 100%… now it’s time for us to live the same way.  He wants us to let go of the trapeze… let go of the control… and have the faith that His outstretched arms will be there waiting to grab us before we come close to falling.  
He is all we need. 
God will catch you.  He doesn’t need help.  Commit to Him… trust He is able… believe He will do it… and have the faith to leave your issues with Him.  
And when we do these things, and stop trying to catch the Catcher, we will live free of so many of the stresses that keep us awake at night.  

You can do this.  I’ll be praying for you.  

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