Day 10 – The Cure

In December of 2005, a team of Australian scientists confirmed what many long suspected.  There is a direct connection between emotional stress and the body’s ability to fight illness.  They discovered that when someone is dealing with anxiety, it releases a hormone that battles against the natural immune system.  In other words… worry can make us sick.

Fortunately, God has already remedied this condition… Proverbs 4 tells us that if we listen carefully to what He says… and let His promises penetrate our heart… we will experience healing and life.  So what is the antidote to stress?  God’s word.  Throughout the Bible we are told to depend on, focus on, rely on, count on, and lean on God when times get tough.  When we really start to believe that He is enough… our blood pressure goes down and we move forward to walk in His strength.   Next time you’re feeling sick… spend some time reading the Bible and claiming God’s promises… they are sure to cure!

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