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It didn’t matter what the weather was in Detroit… financially-challenged James Robertson did what he did every other day.  He hit the alarm clock and went to work.  But James’ story was a little bit different.   You see, James didn’t have a car.  No problem… take the bus, right?  Nope.  No bus routes were even close.   So Mr. Robertson did the unthinkable…. he walked.  Every single day… regardless of the weather… James Robertson traveled the 21 miles round trip on foot.   For 10 years, James did whatever it took to get him to his job… in fact, he had perfect attendance!
One day, financial executive Blake Pollack had seen enough.  He had passed James every day on his way into the city and made the decision to do something to help him.  He started picking him up and taking him to his job each day.  Pollack shared the story with a friend of his, Evan Leedy… and together they started a GoFundMe page on Robertson’s behalf.  Hoping to raise the $5000 needed for a used car… the result surpassed even their wildest dreams.  They didn’t raise five thousand to help James… they raised $300,000!  Just recently they presented the car of James Robertson’s dreams to him… a 2015 Ford Taurus.   James said he loved that car because it was “plain on the outside and tough on the inside…just like him.”  The rest of the raised money was given to Robertson as a reward for his decade of diligence and great work ethic.  
Total strangers reaching out to reward the faithful diligence of someone they didn’t know.  
Now take a minute today and imagine your situation.  You may feel like James Robertson.  You’ve been working hard… plugging away… staying faithful when those around you have quit.  You spend your weekends serving and your nights making ends meet at a second job.  Your month seems to last longer than your money… your children are draining your patience and your health isn’t what it used to be.  Yet you keep on walking.  You keep getting it done.   You won’t accept not having something as an excuse to not get where you need to get in life.  
If that’s you… keep going.  God’s got you.  Steph and I have been there and know that it’s hard.  But you can do it.  
Keep honoring God with your resources… keep sacrificing temporary comfort for long-term gain.  Keep pouring out love and forgiveness to others when they haven’t earned it or deserve it.  
Keep going.  Regardless of the weather… keep going.  I can promise you this… someone is noticing your efforts.  Someone has been driving by and sees you climbing yet another mountain on your way to your destiny.  Someone has been walking by you and taking notes.  Someone sees the tears of frustration and lifts you up.   Someone you already may know. 
It’s God.
God knows.  He sees you.  He will provide a way.   He will provide reward.  He will make things right.
You just can’t give up.  
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9)
James Robertson walked to work for 10 long years.  That’s 54,600 miles before his situation changed… 
Every day wondering if it was worth it.  Each footstep crying out for him to turn back.  But he kept on.   It’s time for you to keep going too.  You may be facing the blizzard of divorce… or the flood of financial instability…. or the hailstorm of bad relationships… or the blistering heat of loneliness and isolation.   
Keep on.  One foot in front of the other.  
God is sending a driver to pick you up soon.  
His blessings are on the way.  
Breakthrough is coming.  
You just can’t quit.   

Walk on friend.  Walk on.  For someday the journey will shorten but the character built by the trials will last forever.  

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