Day 5 – Truth-Teller

I ran across an interesting study in USA Today connecting lying and health.  Each week for 10 weeks, 110 people (aged 18-71) took a lie detector test. The test asked how many lies they had told that week.  Right after, the same group took mental and physical tests to see how healthy they were.  The conclusion?  The more lies a person told during the week… the poorer health they were in compared to the week before.  Shocking? It shouldn’t be.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 19:9 “…whoever pours out lies will perish.”  Make no mistake, lying hurts us.  It complicates things… forces us to remember which lies go with which situation… and eventually, as the Bible states, causes our health to decline.  Is it worth it?  When we are honest, both with ourselves and others, life gets easier.  In fact, scripture tells us in Proverbs 3 that when we run from things like lying, our condition improves!   Make the decision today to be a truth-teller… you’ll be healthier in mind and body!

  • Neal Oates, Jr.

    Awesome message. Each day of the devotion a timely word is delivered to me.

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