Day 40 – Window Shapes

Have you ever wondered why an airplane’s windows are rounded?  They weren’t always that way.  In fact, early aircraft were well known for their perfectly square panes of glass.  However modern technology allowed planes to travel faster and before long some manufacturers found their planes falling apart in the air.  The engineers worked hard to find the cause of these breaks and soon found out that it was the squared windows.  The corners of the glass were weak spots and couldn’t stay intact at high wind speeds.   Thus… the rounded corner window was born.


Everything has a weak spot.


You do too.


Have you ever sat and thought about what it is?  What tempts you to do things you shouldn’t?  What do you find yourself swearing you won’t repeat but do anyway?  The Bible talks about the reason for this in Matthew 26:41.  Jesus tells us, “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!”   


Our flesh is weak.  God is strong.  And when the speed of life increases… somewhere at the corner of good intentions and willpower… we start to buckle.   We don’t possess enough internal fortitude to stand up to the unrelenting pull to sin.   However, when we commit to God that we will watch for weak spots and pray for strength when we find them… God gives us the ability to replace temporary satisfaction with long-lasting joy.   Don’t wait for your life to crash to make changes… call out to God and round out the windows of your life.  You may not be able to stop the pressure but you can build things into your life to prevent it from bringing you down.

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